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bespoke commissions

'about the only time that losing is more fun than winning is when giving in to temptation'
Tom Wilson (1931 - 1978)

Wise words, we feel.

If you've always wanted that special bag but haven't found it yet tell us your ideas. We have actual magic powers.

Go on...you know you want to.

01769 581302

the boring bit...if your dream bag is one of our existing designs but you'd just like to bling it up a bit or have it made in a new colour the price will probably be similar to our standard price.  If you would like a completely new design or a copy of a bag you already have the price will reflect the additional design and pattern-cutting work required.  The increase in cost will vary depending on the size and complexity of the design but as a rule of thumb it will be around 40% higher than our standard price for a similar sized bag - we can talk this through when we look at your design...are you actually snoring?

  • the possibilities are endless...
  • travel bag
  • autumn bag
  • laptop bag
  • mini barrel bag
  • very pink bag
  • flute case
  • weekend away bag
  • scalloped fan bag
  • lunching with the girls bag
  • mini carpet bag
  • scarlet bag
  • rugged kit bag
  • media bag
  • chef's knife roll
  • everyday bags
  • sunny day bag
  • shiny chestnut bag
  • metallic bag
  • big purple bag

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